Business, Corporate, Private Security

Not many Security Companies understand there are different sectors within the security industry. Being a full service security company, Elite Task Force is able to respond to any safety request from our clients. Whether your company needs corporate, event, mobile, or personal escorting we provide it and are ready to serve.

Custom - Tailored Security Service

While every business is different, each business deserves the same excellent customer service. At Elite Task Force, we recognize it’s our job to meet the unique demands of your company. We take pride in providing our clients with security that is professional, flexible, and able to complete the task at hand.

Pre- Screen Armed and Unarmed Security Guards

We understand that safety is your biggest priority. That’s why Elite Task Force runs extensive background checks on the officers we hire. Nothing is more important than ensuring our clients have confidence in our officers ability to lead and protect with integrity.

Same Day Security

Life can be unpredictable. This is why Elite Task Force provides On Demand Security Services. You need a company that is able to respond quickly to any event or emergency. We understand that our company is successful only if we are able to adapt to your business needs and schedule.